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Cultural Career Readiness & Prep

At Black In Business, we have growth for sale! This cultural career readiness hub sits on a foundation of personal development, which we use to help catapult you on your way to success. When you're realistic about where you are, growth will meet you there, and you'll develop the ability to change any of your undesirable circumstances. Our history in HR and our passion for growth collided, and it fine-tuned our focus toward maintaining accessibility to essential life resources - like soft skills training and business development tools- that help us grow for our ambitious aspirations more realisically. 


Our coaches equip, empower, and evolve new leaders of the modern workforce with courses on life skills, business resources, and other developmental tools that aid on your professional journey to success.


We are on a mission to inspire growth for goals and help make your version of success attainable.  


Our tools and resources are dedicated to: 

  • BIB Academy

  • Career Coaching

  • Job Opportunities

  • HR Mentorship

  • Extended HRBP

  • BIB Academy

  • Career Coaching

  • Biz Development Tools

  • Rookie Marketing Resource

  • New to HR Checklist

  • HR Management

Wondering if Black In Business is right for you?

Browse our tools and see if they are things that you'll benefit from. Tap the link and let's connect on the other side. 🤲🏾

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